Optimum pricing

We structure deals to allow business owners the ability to sell their business at the highest possible price. Oftentimes this means you will receive all your cash at the time of closing and avoid or defer paying any taxes on the sale of your business.

We have access to and work diligently with professional advisors - attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners - to bring your transaction to a smooth and successful conclusion.

no up-front Fees

M&A Brokerage Group representation is 100% performance based. That means ZERO upfront retainers or marketing fees. The only time we are paid is when you sell your business to a buyer that you approve, at a price you approve. This creates an environment where our vision and goals are aligned with you as the client.

If you are not comfortable working under a "traditional" business broker agreement we can provide services where we do not "represent" either buy or sell-side party as a fiduciary agent. Instead we are hired by a buyer or the seller to find a specific type of business or investor that meets the specific criteria that is provided.

Funding options

Your business will be marketed to corporations, individuals, and private equity groups that have committed funds typically ranging from $50M to $500M. This allows your growing business to gain access to capital sources where funding readily available and secure.