Frequently Asked Questions


A competitor wants to buy my company. Why do I need a broker?

Brokers ensure you get the maximum value for your business by representing you in negotiations with different buyers to field multiple, competing offers. By serving as your specialized propane representative broker we review the price, terms, and conditions of all competing buyers' offers to quickly determine if it meets your stated objectives.

You can only sell your business once, and having a broker prevents "leaving money on the table" by obtaining the maximum value for your business through our structured, competitive bidding environment. Historically when structuring a confidential bidding process with our propane buyersour clients can receive anywhere from three to 10 legitimate offers that they can review and compare. 

What makes M&A Brokerage Group different from other Brokers and Consultants?

M&A Brokerage Group specializes exclusively in selling propane businesses. Our decades of experience in the propane industry, along with our professional affiliations and corporate contacts, gives our clients unparalleled, in-depth access to the propane industry.

Unlike other brokers who take on clients in any industries, our propane clients have the piece of mind that their broker is the most knowledgeable, experienced propane broker representing them. We confidentially create a healthy competitive bidding environment among multiple quality propane buyers which increases the value of your company and results in you getting the highest possible price.  

How much do you charge?

With ZERO upfront retainers or marketing fees, our representation as 100% performance based. This means the only time we are paid is when you sell your business to an approved buyer at an approved price. Our performance fees are negotiable and expressed as a percent of the total sales proceeds that you receive when we sell your business (the larger the transaction, the lower the fee percentage).

After determining the scope of our services with you, we will openly discuss our process and come to an agreement with you on a fee that is fair. We guarantee our fees are extremely competitive compared to other brokers, and we believe our services and the value we bring to the process are second to none.

Can I cancel my contract if I change my mind?

Yes, our contract is extremely flexible for our clients. We believe if a client is unsatisfied with the way we are conducting our search, they should be able to cancel our contract by giving us 30 days written notice of termination.

Moreover, our arrangement is not an exclusive contract. So if a client receives an offer from a buyer that we do not represent via our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), then they are free to accept the offer with zero resulting fees owed to us.   

Can I depend on Total Confidentiality?

The privacy of our clients is of paramount importance and a pillar of our success. Every individual and company we engage with when selling your business is contractually obligated to maintain strict confidentiality. We pride ourselves on maintaining absolute confidentiality for our clients and their business to ensure that their competitors, suppliers, and employees are unaware that the business is being sold.